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I had a little bit of time this morning so decided to have a go at Yolanda Gampp’s grilled cheese sandwich cake.  It is part of her “replicake” promotion that ends on Monday night.  Basically you have a go at replicating one of her cakes, this one is from Round 3.

In her video, Yolanda fries her “sandwich” in a frypan, I decided to pop mine in the sandwich press just because I like the lines it puts on the sangas.

Heaps of fun, pound cake “bread”, fondant/modelling choc “cheese”, and strawberry coulis “ketchup”.

Hummer the Giraffe

This year I was honoured to be a part of the PANDSI Cake Off as one of the bakers.  The Cake Off is a fund raiser for the organisation, with donated cakes being auctioned off to the public.  This year the theme of the PANDSI Cake Off was Canberra.

Canberra is my home town and has so many wonderful icons, there was lots to choose from.  With over 70 cakes in the Cake Off the bakers covered a lot of Canberra!

I chose to do Hummer.  Hummer is a gorgeous giraffe who lives at the National Zoo & Aquarium.  When my kids were little, we used to visit the zoo often (thanks for the annual memberships Mum & Dad).  My youngest’s favourite was Hummer.  No trip to the zoo was complete without visiting Hummer, rain, hail, or shine! So, when I think of Canberra, I include Hummer.

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen numerous progression shots as I constructed the 92cm tall cake.  Hummer has quite a bit of structure inside to enable him to stand and to support his long neck.

92 cm (36″) tall!!

The cake itself is chocolate mud and vanilla layered with chocolate ganache.  It was then covered in white chocolate ganache and a mixture of fondant and modelling chocolate.  Hummer’s head is solid modelling chocolate.  His eyelashes are the only part that is not edible; a pair of false lashes was the only way to do Hummer’s lashes justice.

I used a stencil loosely to airbrush the recognisable giraffe pattern on to the fondant.  I think there was about 7 coats of airbrush paint on him by the time I’d finished.

In his mouth was the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra is the capital), the Royal Bluebell.

Getting Hummer to the event at the Hyatt Canberra was a nerve wracking journey.  Only 20 minutes away on smooth roads, it felt like hours and every little bump was exaggerated.

I will let you all know how the PANDSI Cake Off went tomorrow when I have the final details.  The cakes being dropped off at the same time as mine looked incredible!

RC Car Cake!

So much fun! This car cake is remote control and actually drives.

Vroom vroom!!!

Not the smoothest finish on the fondant as I forgot to smooth the ganache underneath. This was for my son, so he wasn’t too concerned.

Inside is a chocolate mud cake layered with chocolate ganache.  Sculpted and covered with a 50/50 fondant and modelling chocolate mix.  A bit of Rolkem Super Copper airbrushed on to give it a sheen and it was ready to roll!

We had fun driving it around the kitchen bench and later entertained the kids at his birthday party.

Hippity Hop!

Last week I showed you my chocolate Easter cakes and promised you all another Easter cake.

This one is based on the crazy unicorn cake trend! They are everywhere!

The cake is a white chocolate carrot cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, and covered in fondant.  I was planning on covering it in buttercream but I wanted to try a new fondant recipe out and see how it would perform so used the fondant instead.

The ears are a 50/50 mix of fondant and modelling chocolate.  I still had some buttercream flowers in the freezer so popped them on top to finish her off.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Easter xx

Chocolate time

Easter is fast approaching and this year it will be chocolate filled for my family!  After spending the last 3 years in Texas we REALLY missed our genuine Cadbury’s Easter Eggs.

This cake is a chocolate mud cake filled and covered with vanilla bean butter cream.  A quick drizzle with some chocolate ganache and we have a lovely drip cake.

Drip cakes have been crazy popular recently so I thought I’d top it with another craze that has been long lasting, geodes.  I saw a video last week of some amazing chocolate eggs in which sugar crystals (geodes) were grown inside them  They were made by 2 students, Alex & Abby, from the Culinary Institute of America.  The process took about 6 months to complete.  Check it out here.

I have made a geode cake before so decided to apply that technique to an Easter egg.  A lot quicker than the magnificent eggs Alex & Abby created!

I had a stash of Easter eggs in the cupboard, so decided to see what they’d look like on top of the drip cake as well.  I actually think I like the simplicity of this version better.

I will be making a variation on another cake craze next week, the unicorn cake.  Again, it will be Easter themed.  I’ll keep you all updated via Facebook and Instagram.

Roses & Ranunculi


Today was all about buttercream and brewing! While I was brewing some beer (a hobby of mine) I had some waiting time.  I put the time to use by whipping up some buttercream and having some piping fun.




All the flowers were made using a 104 tip.  They’re not perfect but it was enjoyable.  All the flowers are now in the freezer waiting to be used at a later date.


A hint of gold



It’s been almost a year since I’ve had my Russian piping tips out. Those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram would have seen my video piping flowers last week. I piped them all out and then popped them in the freezer to use this week.


I was unsure of how well they would defrost after I had put them on a cake, but I am pleased to tell you that it worked out really well! As I thought the roses and more “dense” flowers (without delicate stamens etc) froze and transferred the easiest.


This cake was for a wedding anniversary, a 51st! As the 50th is the golden anniversary I decided to add just a hint of gold to the cake for this year’s too.


The cake was a chocolate cake, drizzled with strawberry syrup, and layered with vanilla buttercream.  The cake was covered in buttercream and detailed using an Evil Cake Genius Contour Comb (I looooove these things!!!)


All the flowers and leaves are buttercream with the gold leaves made from homemade sugar lace on a Sugarveil Leaves mat.