Mirror, mirror…


mirror-glaze-4I’ve been wanting to have a go at a mirror glaze cake for over a year now, finally I found an excuse – Valentine’s Day!

We are now settled in our new home, a meer 14,000 kms from our place in Texas!  Things are still in a state of disarray but the kitchen is sorted.  I have missed playing in the kitchen and this cake was a great break from the boxes and organising.


The cake is a Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, I halved the recipe for my small heart mould.


After making the mousse cake I popped it in the freezer overnight before following The Topless Baker’s mirror glaze method. You can find his tutorial here.


There are so many different methods for creating amazing mirror glaze designs, this one was using a swiping action.  I look forward to trying some of the other methods I have spent countless hours watching on YouTube!

Here’s a quick video of my first try, it is as simple as it looks!


Let it go, let it go….


My last order for our time over here in Texas, a Frozen cake for a gorgeous 3 year old.


This cake was super simple, using an Elsa doll as the base.  I only had a day to get this one together and thankfully nothing went wrong!


Elsa’s skirt is a rich chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant.  The top of her dress is also fondant.


Rock sugar and sugar and fondant snowflakes give some detail, and a bit of extra icy sheen with an airbrush of pearl lustre and she was done.




It’s still hot!

The weather here in Texas is crazy for mid November.  It should be cooling down, it’s not!!! Today we hit 30°C, those Fall boots will have to wait, it was perfect weather for wearing wedges.


This cake was based on a Michael Kors wedge that my friends and I fell in love with, funnily enough, none of us bought them! So, we will eat one instead!


The top of the shoe is fondant with tylose to stiffen it up so it would hold its shape.  The bottom wedge part of the shoe is chocolate mud cake.

Personalised label

Personalised label

Metal tag with the birthday girl's initials

Metal tag with the birthday girl’s initials

All that glitters!

Not all Halloween cakes have to be gory.  This simple cake does double duty, Halloween and a birthday.


Covered in black fondant and rolled in Kara’s edible gelatine glitter, this cake contains both chocolate and vanilla cakes sandwiched with ganache.

All the glitter!!!

All the glitter!!!

Topping it off is a handmade skull flower.  The skull itself is white chocolate, gum paste petals surround it, and finally some cake lace to soften it and provide some contrast.


I stumbled across some instructions for “board baking” the day before I did this cake.  So, I gave it a go.  The original idea was from Shannon Bond Cake Design.  The advantage of baking the fondant covered board is that the fondant sets hard – no waiting!  Simply cover the board (mine was cardboard) with shortening to adhere the fondant.  Cover the board with a thin layer of fondant and bake in a very low oven (170F/80C) for approximately 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and leave to cool completely.  You now have a dint proof covered board 😃


Watercolour & Bubbles


This week I tried out a new technique, watercolour buttercream.  The whole process was surprisingly pleasing as the randomness of the colour is what made it beautiful.


I covered the entire cake with Shannon’s American Meringue Buttercream. This has to be the smoothest buttercream I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Do yourself a favour and go and check out her page, the recipe is there waiting for you to try.


The top of the cake was adorned with gelatine bubbles.  There are heaps of tutorials available on making these if you are interested in trying, just have a look on YouTube.  Instead of colouring the gelatine while liquid, I chose to airbrush the dry bubbles to add colour.  I did add pearl lustre dust to the gelatine liquid on one batch but you could airbrush this on too if you chose to.


This cake was for a lovely baby shower 😊


Steak dinner

This week I had the opportunity to make a really fun cake.  A very special visitor was here in DFW and it was his 40th!


We surprised him with his birthday cake: steak, chips, and tomato sauce (ketchup) while having dinner at Campisi’s in Dallas. The staff there were fantastic helping me with the cake surprise.

The cake is chocolate mud cake covered in ganache and then fondant.  Airbrushing to simulate grill marks and a fondant bone.  As the big 4 0 was being celebrated in Texas, the steak has been branded with the state outline of Texas and a 40 inside it.


The handout chips are cookies, also airbrushed to help make them look like chips.  Tomato sauce (ketchup) is red buttercream.



Geode cake

When I first saw Rachael Teufel’s (from Intricate Icings) geode cake I knew exactly who I wanted to try and make one for.  Then, only a week or so later a PDF tutorial was available to purchase and I jumped at the chance.  The tutorial has been sitting on my computer ready to use for months and this week it was finally the time!geode cake-2

This cake was surprisingly simple to make with the well laid out instructions from Rachel.  She now has a Craftsy class available for this design as well which I am sure would be well worth the purchase.

The top cake tier was a lemon poppy seed cake and the other tiers were dark chocolate mud cake.  The lemon poppy seed was a little too fragile for this design, next time I will use a sturdier cake as it did collapse a little under the weight.

geode cake-1

This cake was for a very special client, my now 16 year old daughter.

geode cake-3

As this was made from a purchased tutorial, I have not posted any progression pictures.