A hint of gold



It’s been almost a year since I’ve had my Russian piping tips out. Those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram would have seen my video piping flowers last week. I piped them all out and then popped them in the freezer to use this week.


I was unsure of how well they would defrost after I had put them on a cake, but I am pleased to tell you that it worked out really well! As I thought the roses and more “dense” flowers (without delicate stamens etc) froze and transferred the easiest.


This cake was for a wedding anniversary, a 51st! As the 50th is the golden anniversary I decided to add just a hint of gold to the cake for this year’s too.


The cake was a chocolate cake, drizzled with strawberry syrup, and layered with vanilla buttercream.  The cake was covered in buttercream and detailed using an Evil Cake Genius Contour Comb (I looooove these things!!!)


All the flowers and leaves are buttercream with the gold leaves made from homemade sugar lace on a Sugarveil Leaves mat.


Watercolour & Bubbles


This week I tried out a new technique, watercolour buttercream.  The whole process was surprisingly pleasing as the randomness of the colour is what made it beautiful.


I covered the entire cake with Shannon’s American Meringue Buttercream. This has to be the smoothest buttercream I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Do yourself a favour and go and check out her page, the recipe is there waiting for you to try.


The top of the cake was adorned with gelatine bubbles.  There are heaps of tutorials available on making these if you are interested in trying, just have a look on YouTube.  Instead of colouring the gelatine while liquid, I chose to airbrush the dry bubbles to add colour.  I did add pearl lustre dust to the gelatine liquid on one batch but you could airbrush this on too if you chose to.


This cake was for a lovely baby shower 😊