Chocolate time

Easter is fast approaching and this year it will be chocolate filled for my family!  After spending the last 3 years in Texas we REALLY missed our genuine Cadbury’s Easter Eggs.

This cake is a chocolate mud cake filled and covered with vanilla bean butter cream.  A quick drizzle with some chocolate ganache and we have a lovely drip cake.

Drip cakes have been crazy popular recently so I thought I’d top it with another craze that has been long lasting, geodes.  I saw a video last week of some amazing chocolate eggs in which sugar crystals (geodes) were grown inside them  They were made by 2 students, Alex & Abby, from the Culinary Institute of America.  The process took about 6 months to complete.  Check it out here.

I have made a geode cake before so decided to apply that technique to an Easter egg.  A lot quicker than the magnificent eggs Alex & Abby created!

I had a stash of Easter eggs in the cupboard, so decided to see what they’d look like on top of the drip cake as well.  I actually think I like the simplicity of this version better.

I will be making a variation on another cake craze next week, the unicorn cake.  Again, it will be Easter themed.  I’ll keep you all updated via Facebook and Instagram.

Oh my! It’s Easter already!

I have been a bit caught out with Easter this year.  For some reason I thought I had another week to get organised.

Quite a few weeks ago I was wandering through my local supermarket and came across this Wilton Comfort Grip Bunny with Mini Flower Cookie Cutters.

Wilton Easter cutter

So, of course I had to have it. It’s adorable with the little bunny tail.  For those of you in Australia you wont’ believe how affordable these are here in Texas, less than USD 4.00 😮

When I realised it is Easter week, I quickly made some sugar cookie dough and got to work. The ease of decorating over here is fantastic. If you like, you can buy everything pre made and ready to put together.  I did make my cookie dough from scratch but purchased Wilton Cookie Icing (again from the supermarket) for a quick cheat.  I usually make my own royal icing for cookies but the Wilton Cookie Icing worked quite well.  The only thing I really didn’t like was the nozzle on the bottle.  It was fine for flooding the cookies but was not quite precise enough for the outlining.  A piping bag and nozzle will be used for the outline next time to ensure a more accurate finish.


A bit of sanding sugar and they were done!

bunnies-2 bunnies-1

I also used the same cutter to make some bunny ears to stick out of cupcakes.  I had seen some bunny ear picks (plastic) for sale to use in the same way but I would prefer to be able to eat my decorations!