Mirror, mirror…


mirror-glaze-4I’ve been wanting to have a go at a mirror glaze cake for over a year now, finally I found an excuse – Valentine’s Day!

We are now settled in our new home, a meer 14,000 kms from our place in Texas!  Things are still in a state of disarray but the kitchen is sorted.  I have missed playing in the kitchen and this cake was a great break from the boxes and organising.

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Valentine’s Day!

Ok, so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I really haven’t organised anything!  It is a HUGE deal over here in the States, so completely ignoring it is not recommended!

Chocolate covered strawberries are very popular here for Valentine’s Day, and who doesn’t love a big, juicy strawberry smothered in chocolate?  You can purchase them at the local supermarket, most having a special stand set up as you walk in with someone dipping away.  So convenient but considering how affordable strawberries are here, really overpriced!

chocolate rose strawberries-1

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